Jess Leitch


Hey I'm Jess…

…the founder of Shake Your Buddhi. I'm a bit of a goofball who tries not to take herself too seriously. I have a passion for sharing the experience of being human with other humans. I could tell you about my yoga story… But, none of that really matters.

I’m inspired by the teachings of many, I stay open to new ideas and viewpoints. As a ‘post-lineage’ yogini who likes to question & explore, I’m inspired by the rebels.

Adapting is the essence of evolution…


I’ve invited some of my students share their experience of my teaching…

"Fun and inclusive are the two words I would use to describe Jess' teaching style. Her background in mental health makes her yoga and the way she shares it so special. I've spent a year with her on teacher training with a group of 20 and learning from her was an absolute pleasure. She generously transmitted her knowledge and inspired us to explore the way we see ourselves and others around us." Orsi, London.


“I' ve said many times before how much I've loved the YTT and the real reason why this journey became so special is thanks to you Jesse. Your knowledge and honesty of character laid the ground to transforming a group of strangers into a group of curious yoga teachers that supported each other all the way during the journey. Your effortless way of teaching made the long hours spent in class making notes and learning new concepts fly by.  But above all the most amazing thing for which I really would like to thank you for is how you encourage us to become nothing more but the best version of ourselves. Thank you for always encouraging and appreciating the uniqueness of each and everyone of us.” Mary, London


“I had the privilege of being taught by Jess for the past year. Her classes are both authentic and playful and I always come away feeling positive about my own practice. With her guidance I have been able to deepen my practice in the safe and comforting space Jess creates. I could not recommend Jess’ teaching or her classes more, thank you!” Ellen, London


“You get what you need. that’s how I’m feeling at the end of this journey. I did not know what kind of mentor I wanted, but the universe gave me what I needed in you. When someone can come into your life, present themselves authentically and help you draw closer to who you strive to be, well that is getting what you need. I’m grateful to feel that about you. You offered who you were with grace and love. You helped me make space to grow with your kindness and open ear. Thank you for being you and being a light this last year.” Jacqui, London


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