Getting Grounded...


What does it mean to “ground”?

Being grounded means feeling a sense of stability, a deep connection to the present moment and a knowing that you’re exactly where you’re meant to be.
It’s a sense of coming back down to earth, literally.

That doesn’t mean your life needs to be calm, stable or in order. The stability comes from within and it’s this awareness that allows us to meet challenge with balance and perspective.

We can improve our ability to connect with the present moment in times of chaos by practicing being, as Fatboy Slim suggested - right here, right now.
This is where your yoga practice comes off the mat and why your yoga teacher is always banging on about the breath. It’s our anchor to the here and now.

In your asana practice, feeling grounded can be breathing fully into shapes, moving slowly through transitions, coming back to foundations by feeling the solid earth beneath you and pausing to notice what arises without judgment.

In life, feeling grounded is no different than on the mat. It’s finding space for a long, slow breath in a moment of frustration, it’s watching our reactions for unconscious and unhelpful patterns, it’s a gentle pause before making a decision and asking yourself if the direction you’re moving in is in line with the way you want to show up in the world.

At different times in our lives we’ll feel more settled than others, these are simply the natural rhythms and cycles of our human existence, however there are many things we can do to bring ourselves home when we feel a little lost or uncertain.

Suggestions for Earthing

Sit Still & Observe.

The ability to sit still and do nothing is almost a lost art in our modern world.
It shouldn’t be so hard for us to pause and be with ourselves, but it is. At first, at least.
Practice makes progress.
Release your expectations and give meditation a go, yes it’s hard in the beginning, but so is anything else worth doing.

Nourish Your Body

Feed your physical and mental body the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly.
This seems obvious and simple, but sometimes we just need a reminder to choose the veggies over the burger or some water over another wine.
Also, try eating slow without a screen in your face.
Try my dal recipe if you’re looking for something hearty and healthy!

Get Outside

We spend so much time indoors (especially in England!), it’s really not good for our mental health or our inbuilt natural routine of living by the sun and moon.
Schedule time to go outside, whether it’s on your lunch break or walking home from work instead of getting the bus (the bus is still inside!).
Put your bare feet on the earth… if it’s cold, don’t worry you can get those tootsies warm again in no time, but allow yourself to be physically in contact with the earth. If you think this is tree-hugging hippy bullshit, look up the science, it’s improves your wellbeing!

Organise Your Home

Have a big tidy up, send a heap of bags to charity.
Clean out those cupboards and all the crap you’ve been holding onto for no reason.
A great book for learning how to do this well is Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’. She’s not lying. It’s magical and life changing. The air literally feels clearer in the rooms I’ve worked on so far.

Spend Time With Real Friends

You know the ones, they’re the ones you’re totally honest with and who are honest right back at ya. You can joke about the “unjokable” with them and tell them what you’re really scared of or pissed off about. They listen and may not always agree with you but they bring you back down to earth and help you to feel ok as a human in this mad mad world.
Make time for them, it’s always worth it.

I’d love to hear your own experiences and suggestions for grounding… this simple yet profound practice really is a golden nugget of wisdom just waiting to be remembered. Over and over again.