Let go & find flow

Jess is a Course Leader for Yoga London Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training School, she also teaches at Yoga West in Acton, Virgin Active (West London & Ealing), Bhuti in Richmond and offers tailored private sessions, corporate and community classes around London.

In any class, Jess will aspire to empower you to find your own expression of the practice. Jess’ classes are paced rhythmically, synchronised with long breaths to ensure technique is learned and practice is dynamic but calming. Jess enjoys exploring new ways to move and has a passion for functional movements that balance out our bodies and minds in a nourishing way.


Richmond - £9/£12 

6:30 ~ 8:00pm | Flow Slowly

@ Richmond & Putney Unitarian Church

(no classes between 22 Dec and 7 Jan)


Acton, Cape ~ (open only to Cape members)

9:00am | Chair Yoga  

@ Cape Recovery Centre, Acton

(Last class for 2018 is 13 Dec | We come back together on 24 Jan 2018)


Acton (only £8 drop in)

8:00 ~ 9:00am | Flow and Restore

@Yoga West

(no classes between 22 Dec and 7 Jan)


Flow Slowly

This is a mat based class that's all about simplicity and empowered movement, discovering the spirit of flow in a space that's supportive and open to exploring new things. We may venture into practices such as mantra (don't be put of by this, you can choose to simply listen), pranayama (breathing practices) as well as movement and time for play. 

The aim of this class is to empower you, to cultivate your ability to move with ease in your own way. Some experience of yoga recommended.  

Flow & Restore 

This class is aimed at balance, getting moving, expelling excess stagnate energy before moving into stillness supported by lots of props. It's a gorgeous way to spend Friday morning. Come and try it out. Newcomers welcome.